Fire Warden Training in Melbourne

Fire Warden Training in Melbourne

Fire protection services has the following training available:

  • Fire Fighting Equipment (Extinguishers & Blankets)
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Evacuation Exercise
  • Workplace Emergency Response (Warden)

Fire Fighting Equipment (Extinguishers and Blankets)

This course provides participants with practical experience in using basic fire fighting equipment. It covers the selection and use of First Attack fire fighting
Equipment, including fire extinguishers and fire Blankets.

Participants will get the opportunity to Extinguish a real fire using both extinguishers and a Fire blanket.

This course covers instruction and practical experience in the use of:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • (Hose Reels)

A Certificate of Attendance is issued following completion of the course.

This course can be undertaken in conjunction with the Workplace Emergency Response Training

Evacuation Plans

Includes advice on appropriate Emergency Assembly Areas.

Choose from a range of formats to suit your needs.

Duration: 1 Hour

Evacuation Exercise

As per AS 3745 - 2002, annual evacuation exercises should be conducted in all workplaces. Specialists On Safety facilitate your evacuation exercise (drill), including pre-exercise briefing and post-exercise debrief.

A written report based on our observations and an attendance record is also provided.  This can be used for compliance with AS1851.19 – 2005 maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.

Workplace Emergency Response (Warden)

This course is designed for employee’s assigned warden duties within their workplace. The course has been developed to meet Australian Standard 3745 -  2002 Emergency control organization for buildings, structures and workplaces and Australian Standard 4083 - 1997 emergency response for health care facilities.

An appropriate internal area is required for training.

This course covers:

  • OHS Legislative Requirements
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Fire Awareness
  • Warden Roles & Responsibilities
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Warning Systems